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Our Clients

Our clients are our first priority.

We are here to maximize your mobility and healthcare potential. We can guide you and your family to make informed decisions regarding your current and future needs.

Our Mission

At Comfort Mobility Inc., it is our mission to treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Our clients are like family.


Ceiling Lifts

Floor Lifts 

Free Standing Lifts

Patient Lifts & Slings

The focus of a Patient Lift is the safe transfer and safe repositioning of immobile, elderly, or rehabilitation patients. We sell a complete line of lifts and transfer aids to mechanically assist caregivers in implementing safe handling techniques and promoting caregiver safety.

We understand that one solution cannot accommodate everyone's unique situation.
We are here to help! Contact our Sales Representative to view your options and what will best suit your specific needs.

Sit-To-Stand Lifts

Patient Lift Options

  • Ceiling Lifts

  • Free Standing Lifts

  • Floor Lifts

  • Sit-To-Stand Lifts