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Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

Get help paying for a mobility aid when you qualify for the Assistive Devices Program.

Who qualifies?

To qualify, you must:

Be an Ontario Resident
Have a valid Ontario Health Card
Have a disability requiring a mobility aid for 6 months or longer

ADP does not consider your income.

Who does not qualify?

You do not qualify, if you:

Already qualify for or are receiving financial support from the
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for the same mobility aid

Are a Group “A” veteran and already qualify for or are
receiving financial support from Veterans Affairs Canada for the same mobility aid

Types of mobility aids covered

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) will help cover the costs of:

manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and power scooters
power add-ons (devices added to a manual wheelchair if you don’t need a power wheelchair)
positioning devices (e.g. cushions, back and head supports, power tilt and recline)
wheeled walkers for adults
pediatric walkers, standers and strollers


You can apply to replace your mobility aid if:

Your medical condition and/or functional ability has changed
and your current mobility aid no longer meets your needs

Your body size has changed and your current mobility aid no longer fits

The mobility aid is worn out, no longer covered by warranty
and cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost

ADP does not cover costs to replace a lost mobility aid or to repair aids damaged through misuse or neglect.
Equipment sold at Comfort Mobility Inc. has a limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

How much is covered

ADP will pay 75% of the ADP price for mobility aids. You must pay the remaining 25% of the cost.

When ADP sets the ADP price for each mobility aid, they take into account:

Manufacturer’s and/or distributor’s costs
Complexity of device

A business can’t charge you more than the ADP price for the approved device.
You have to pay for additional items not covered by the ADP
(e.g. add-on accessories, batteries for power wheelchairs, etc.)

Getting 100% coverage

The ADP covers 100% of the cost, if you receive financial support from one of these programs:

Ontario Works
Ontario Disability Support Program
Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

Note: If you have Green Shield, Comfort Mobility Inc. can bill
directly for the remaining portion if your benefits cover it.

So How Do I Get Started?

A formal Assessment by an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist
registered as an ADP Authorizer is required. (Fee for Assessment to be paid directly to Therapist)
This will confirm that you need a mobility aid and determine which type best suits your needs.

ADP Application must be completed by you and your Therapist.

We Comfort Mobility Inc. will then fill your prescription based on the Therapist's application.

You Have A Choice!
You can choose the company you want for your mobility equipment and services
whether you reside at home or in a long-term care facility.
Other mobility companies may offer similar equipment but service is where we excel!
Company/Vendor must be a Registered ADP Vendor

What happens next

ADP aims to review your application within eight weeks of receiving it.

If you order or buy the mobility aid(s) before we have completed our review, and your application is denied, you are responsible for the full cost.

If your application has been denied, you will receive a letter from us telling you the reason for the denial and how you can follow up, including appealing our decision.

If your application is approved, ADP will contact your vendor and Occupational Therapist/Physiotherapist by mail. They will contact you and arrange a time for your mobility aid to be delivered if it has not already been provided.

When you get the mobility aid(s), you must pay your 25% share. We pay the vendor the 75% separately.

High technology power wheelchairs

A high technology power wheelchair has power dynamic tilt and/or recline.
If you’re applying to the ADP for one of these wheelchairs, you must buy it from the Central Equipment Pool for High Technology Wheelchairs (CEP).

The CEP:
sells high technology power wheelchairs at a discounted price.
gives rebates for equipment returned to the pool when no longer needed
provides all routine maintenance and repair

Comfort Mobility Inc. does not do CEP

Information regarding the ADP program obtained from the Ontario.ca website. Information may be out of date,
please refer to
https://www.ontario.ca/page/mobility-aids for complete up to date overview of the ADP Program